(Subjects: Religion/Worship, Lightworkers, Food, Health, Prescription Drugs, Homeopathy, Innate (Body intelligence), New Age movement, Global Unity, ... etc.) - (Text version)

“…… Should I use Doctors and Drugs to Heal Me or Spiritual Methods?

"Dear Kryon, I have heard that you should stay natural and not use the science on the planet for healing. It does not honor God to go to a doctor. After all, don't you say that we can heal with our minds? So why should we ever go to a doctor if we can do it ourselves? Not only that, my doctor isn't enlightened, so he has no idea about my innate or my spiritual body needs. What should I do?"

First, Human Being, why do you wish to put so many things in boxes? You continue to want a yes and no answer for complex situations due to your 3D, linear outlook on almost everything. Learn to think out of the 3D box! Look at the heading of this section [above]. It asks which one should you do. It already assumes you can't do both because they seem dichotomous.

Let's use some spiritual logic: Here is a hypothetical answer, "Don't go to a doctor, for you can heal everything with your mind." So now I will ask: How many of you can do that in this room right now? How many readers can do that with efficiency right now? All of you are old souls, but are you really ready to do that? Do you know how? Do you have really good results with it? Can you rid disease and chemical imbalance with your mind right now?

I'm going to give you a truth, whether you choose to see it or not. You're not ready for that! You are not yet prepared to take on the task of full healing using your spiritual tools. Lemurians could do that, because Pleiadians taught them how! It's one of the promises of God, that there'll come a day when your DNA works that efficiently and you will be able to walk away from drug chemistry and the medical industry forever, for you'll have the creator's energy working at 100 percent, something you saw within the great masters who walked the earth.

This will be possible within the ascended earth that you are looking forward to, dear one. Have you seen the news lately? Look out the window. Is that where you are now? We are telling you that the energy is going in that direction, but you are not there yet.

Let those who feel that they can heal themselves begin the process of learning how. Many will be appreciative of the fact that you have some of the gifts for this now. Let the process begin, but don't think for a moment that you have arrived at a place where every health issue can be healed with your own power. You are students of a grand process that eventually will be yours if you wish to begin the quantum process of talking to your cells. Some will be good at this, and some will just be planting the seeds of it.

Now, I would like to tell you how Spirit works and the potentials of what's going to happen in the next few years. We're going to give the doctors of the planet new inventions and new science. These will be major discoveries about the Human body and of the quantum attributes therein.

Look at what has already happened, for some of this science has already been given to you and you are actually using it. Imagine a science that would allow the heart to be transplanted because the one you have is failing. Of course! It's an operation done many times a month on this planet. That information came from the creator, did you realize that? It didn't drop off the shelf of some dark energy library to be used in evil ways.

So, if you need a new heart, Lightworker, should you go to the doctor or create one with your mind? Until you feel comfortable that you can replace your heart with a new one by yourself, then you might consider using the God-given information that is in the hands of the surgeon. For it will save your life, and create a situation where you stay and continue to send your light to the earth! Do you see what we're saying?

You can also alter that which is medicine [drugs] and begin a process that is spectacular in its design, but not very 3D. I challenge you to begin to use what I would call the homeopathic principle with major drugs. If some of you are taking major drugs in order to alter your chemistry so that you can live better and longer, you might feel you have no choice. "Well, this is keeping me alive," you might say. "I don't yet have the ability to do this with my consciousness, so I take the drugs."

In this new energy, there is something else that you can try if you are in this category. Do the following with safety, intelligence, common sense and logic. Here is the challenge: The principle of homeopathy is that an almost invisible tincture of a substance is ingested and is seen by your innate. Innate "sees" what you are trying to do and then adjusts the body's chemistry in response. Therefore, you might say that you are sending the body a "signal for balance." The actual tincture is not large enough to affect anything chemically - yet it works!

The body [innate] sees what you're trying to do and then cooperates. In a sense, you might say the body is healing itself because you were able to give it instructions through the homeopathic substance of what to do. So, why not do it with a major drug? Start reducing the dosage and start talking to your cells, and see what happens. If you're not successful, then stop the reduction. However, to your own amazement, you may often be successful over time.

You might be able to take the dosage that you're used to and cut it to at least a quarter of what it was. It is the homeopathy principle and it allows you to keep the purpose of the drug, but reduce it to a fraction of a common 3D dosage. You're still taking it internally, but now it's also signaling in addition to working chemically. The signal is sent, the body cooperates, and you reduce the chance of side effects.

You can't put things in boxes of yes or no when it comes to the grand system of Spirit. You can instead use spiritual logic and see the things that God has given you on the planet within the inventions and processes. Have an operation, save your life, and stand and say, "Thank you, God, for this and for my being born where these things are possible." It's a complicated subject, is it not? Each of you is so different! You'll know what to do, dear one. Never stress over that decision, because your innate will tell you what is appropriate for you if you're willing to listen. ….”

Monsanto / GMO - Global Health

(Subjects: Big pharma [the drug companies of America] are going to have to change very soon or collapse. When you have an industry that keeps people sick for money, it cannot survive in the new consciousness., Global Unity, ... etc.) - (Text version)
"Recalibration of Free Choice"– Mar 3, 2012 (Kryon Channelling by Lee Caroll) - (Subjects: (Old) Souls, Midpoint on 21-12-2012, Shift of Human Consciousness, Black & White vs. Color, 1 - Spirituality (Religions) shifting, Lose a Pope “soon”, 2 - Humans will change react to drama, 3 - Civilizations/Population on Earth, 4 - Alternate energy sources (Geothermal, Tidal (Pedal wheels), Wind), 5 – Financials Institutes/concepts will change (Integrity – Ethical) , 6 - News/Media/TV to change, 7 Big Pharmaceutical company will collapse “soon”, (Keep people sick), (Integrity – Ethical) 8 – Wars will be over on Earth, Global Unity, … etc.) - (Text version)
"The Recalibration of Awareness – Apr 20/21, 2012 (Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: Old Energy, Recalibration Lectures, God / Creator, Religions/Spiritual systems (Catholic Church, Priests/Nun’s, Worship, John Paul Pope, Women in the Church otherwise church will go, Current Pope won’t do it), Middle East, Jews, Governments will change (Internet, Media, Democracies, Dictators, North Korea, Nations voted at once), Integrity (Businesses, Tobacco Companies, Bankers/ Financial Institutes, Pharmaceutical company to collapse), Illuminati (Started in Greece, Shipping, Financial markets, Stock markets, Pharmaceutical money (fund to build Africa, to develop)), Shift of Human Consciousness, (Old) Souls, Women, Masters to/already come back, Global Unity.... etc.) - (Text version)
"THE BRIDGE OF SWORDS" – Sep 29, 2012 (Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: ... I'm in Canada and I know it, but I will tell those listening and reading in the American audience the following: Get ready! Because there are some institutions that are yet to fall, ones that don't have integrity and that could never be helped with a bail out. Again, we tell you the biggest one is big pharma, and we told you that before. It's inevitable. If not now, then in a decade. It's inevitable and they will fight to stay alive and they will not be crossing the bridge. For on the other side of the bridge is a new way, not just for medicine but for care. ....) - (Text Version)

Pharmaceutical Fraud / Corruption cases

Health Care

Health Care
Happy birthday to Percy Julian, a pioneer in plant-drug synthesis. His research produced steroids like cortisone. (11 April 2014)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

FDA examines link between food dyes, hyperactivity

Associated Press, By MARY CLARE JALONICK, Mar 30, 2011

WASHINGTON (AP) -- The FDA is examining the link between dyes found in everyday foods and hyperactivity in children.

At a two-day meeting starting Wednesday, an FDA advisory committee will decide whether available data links the dyes and the disorder. The panel will recommend Thursday whether the agency should further regulate dyes, do more studies on the issue or require better labeling of the additives. They could also recommend that the FDA do nothing at all.

The FDA has so far said there is no proven relationship between food dyes and hyperactivity in most children. But the agency said that for "certain susceptible children," hyperactivity and other behavioral problems may be exacerbated by food dyes and other substances in food.

Public health advocates agree that dyes do not appear to be the underlying cause of hyperactivity, but say that the effects of dyes on some children is cause enough to ban the additives. The FDA is holding the meeting in response to a 2008 petition filed by the advocacy group Center for Science in the Public Interest to ban Yellow 5, Red 40 and six other dyes.

Michael Jacobson, the director of that group, said at the meeting Wednesday that the only reason that dyes exist in food is to trick consumers. Some manufacturers use less dyes in the same foods sold in Europe because of concerns there over hyperactivity.

"Dyes are often used to make junk food more attractive to young children, or to simulate the presence of a healthful fruit or other natural ingredient," Jacobson said. "Dyes would not be missed in the food supply except by the dye manufacturers."

Jacobson conceded that completely banning the dyes would be difficult, urging the FDA to at least put warnings on food package labels.

Scientists and public advocates have debated the issue for more than 30 years as the use of dyes in food has steadily risen. The advisory panel is sifting through a variety of studies over the two-day meeting, some showing more of a relationship between dyes and hyperactivity than others.

The food industry is warning consumers not to rush to judgment. David Schmidt, president and CEO of International Food Information Council Foundation, a food-industry funded group, said dyes help consumers enjoy their food by maintaining or improving appearance.

Suggesting a link between the color additives and attention deficit disorder in children "could have unintended consequences, including unnecessarily frightening consumers about safe ingredients that are consumed every day," he said.

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An image illustrating the ingredients in a soft drink
is shown on the Center for Science in the Public
Interest (CSPI) website. (Jorge Bach / CSPI)

Monday, March 28, 2011

A Kenyan caught smuggling in meth worth Rp2.19 billion

Antara News, Mon, March 28 2011

Tangerang, Banten (ANTARA News) - A Kenyan national has been caught smuggling in illegal methamphetamine worth Rp12.9 billion at Jakarta`s Soekarno-Hatta airport on Monday.

"The arrest was made after he acted suspiciously upon arrival," head of the airport`s customs service`s investigation and enforcement section, Gator Sugeng Wibowo, said.

He said during examination the Kenyan known by his initial as PM (37) was discovered carrying meth in 100 capsules put in his bag.

She told customs officers that this was the first for her to come to Indonesia. She came aboard Emirates Airlines aircraft with flight number EK-368 from Dubai.

The customs and the National Anti-Narcotic Agency officers suspected she was a courier. She could face a death penalty if proven violating Artile 113 of Law Number 35 of 2009 on narcotics.

Earlier a Nigerian national known as BJN (51) was arrested at the airport carrying 1,540 grams of meth put in 106 capsules in his stomach. He came aboard Thai Airways plane from Bangkok.

Editor: Aditia Maruli

Nigerian Drug Smugglers Get 18 Year Jail Sentences

Jakarta Globe, March 28, 2011

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Denpasar, Bali. The Denpasar District Court sentenced two members of an international drug smuggling syndicate to 18 year jail sentences on Monday.

The Nigerian defendants, Austine Bosah Uchena, 39, and Michael Onyedika Onuorah, 24, must also pay fines of Rp 2 billion ($230,000) or face an additional two years behind bars.

The sentences were twice those demanded by the prosecution.

The pair were caught attempting to smuggle more than two kilograms of crystal methamphetamine into Bali’s Nugroho Rai International Airport from Malaysia on July 13 last year.

Other members of the syndicate are being tried separately.

They are Yakno, a Filipino, Band everly Adtoon Fulache and Enny Maliani who are Indonesian.


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Community Care for Mentally Ill in Bekasi

Jakarta Globe, Ulma Haryanto | March 26, 2011

While Bekasi hospitals and police have supported the Galuh Foundation,
it has come under fire from medical practitioners for its use of physical
restraints. (JG Photo/Yudhi Sukma Wijaya)

Pak Gendu, I really like what you are doing! It is just too sad to see and hear consistently how the state neglects mentally ill, and also how many families see a mentally ill person in their midst as a stigma which needs to be hidden. A while ago I saw a slide show in an online Australian newspaper which showed terrible photos of mentally ill people in an compound, I think it was in the West Java area, I forgot the exact location and the link to this slides, but what I did not forget were the pictures...

He might not have had any formal education, and was branded a Betawi street fighter by many, but Gendu Mulatip saw people being neglected by the state and set out to help them.

Recognizing that the city of Bekasi did not provide any healthcare facilities for the mentally ill, Gendu, with the help of his most trusted friends, set up a foundation to provide care and treatment for the mentally challenged — usually free of charge.

Gendu took his last breath in January, at the age of 95, but the Galuh Foundation, which stands for “ Gagasan Luhur ” or “noble ideas,” remains his legacy. Its traditional methods might not have the acceptance of the medical establishment, but the foundation is convinced it is doing good.

Set up in 1994, the foundation is now run by Suhanda, 58, Gendu’s eldest son, who took over operations when his father died. Suhanda is assisted by 45-years-old twins Suhartono and Suhandoyo, who are the sons of Gendu’s trusted aide, Amir, now in his 60s.

“The treatment for our patients here focuses on how to prepare them for society. That’s why we never confine our patients or shackle them, unless we absolutely have to,” referring to a traditional method of restraint.

Situated in a 3,000 square meter compound in Rawa Lumbu, Bekasi, the foundaiton has plenty of space for its 245 patients.

“What we have now is a significant improvement on our previous facility,” Suhandoyo says. “We were overburdened with patients before we purchased a bigger property.”


When Suhandoyo says patients are prepared to live with mainstream society, he really means it. The patients at Galuh Foundation live side-by-side with the families of their caretakers.

“For married workers we provide living quarters in the compound,” Suhanda says. “The employees here are social workers. They only get Rp 400,000 [$46] a month.”

Despite the meager pay, Suhandoyo, who was deeply inspired by Gendu, says he learned a great deal from working at the foundation.

“Gendu taught me about patience and to care and love our patients,” he says. “Living here means that we don’t have to worry about accommodation and food, and when it comes to the education of my children, most schools, when they know we work at the foundation, are willing to make exceptions.”

Suhandoyo says about 40 staff help to care for the patients. An additional 15 people — ex-patients — had decided to stay and help.

“Patients who are more stable and can follow instructions are asked to carry out daily chores such as going to the neighborhood shops,” he says. “We usually rotate their chores once in a while.”

The compound has a field where patients can walk around. A large fenced-off building serves as the living quarters for the male patients, while the female residents live in a more closed off area at the back of the facility.

“We have more male patients here. More than 70 percent,” Suhandoyo says.

The foundation does not charge for its services, only asking for a meal fee of Rp 20,000 to Rp 25,000 per patient per week.

“It is up to the patient’s family how much they would like to contribute,” Suhandoyo adds.

Traditional Approach

None of the caretakers at the foundation has a medical degree or background. Gendu never went to school and used to be known as a Betawi street fighter.

“Suhanda is an elementary-school graduate. The only person with a degree here is my father,” Suhandoyo says.

Gendu believed that mental illness could be cured. He said he received the knowledge to cure mental illness from his parents, and he passed this knowledge on to Suhanda.

“Here we use prayers, traditional herbs, counseling, and sometimes, exorcism,” Suhandoyo explains.

“We believe too many foreign chemicals are bad for you,” he says. “That’s why each patient has to undergo a purification process using herbs, followed by a vegetarian diet, no carbonated drinks or sugar and no red meat.”

Suhandoyo adds that general hospitals in Bekasi and even the police have handed over mentally ill patients to the foundation.

However, the traditional methods used at the Galuh Foundation, including the use of physical chaining instead of sedatives, are largely frowned upon by medical practitioners.


Dr. Gregorius Pandu Setiawan, a leading mental health expert, points out that the herbs used in the foundation’s treatments are not clinically proven, and therefore it can be hard to judge the real effect on patients’ bodies.

“They use physical restraint with shackles and chains, doctors use sedatives,” he says.

Gregorius views such methods as “an embarrassment,” especially since Bekasi is located so close to Jakarta.

“The hospitals and police officers who send people to the foundation are foolish,” he says

Meanwhile, Dr. Irmansyah, the director of mental health at the Health Ministry, says he regrets that the foundation is not considered a formal health-care facility by the state.

“The ministry and other health institutions such as Soeharto Herjan Mental Hospital, Duren Sawit Hospital and Bekasi Health Office visited the facility a couple of times to check the conditions,” he says.

However, offerings of medical assistance were rejected by the foundation. “Every individual suffering from disease should be treated, the state should provide medical facilities, including for those with mental illness.”

Irmansyah says he does not have anything against traditional medication, “as long as it does not make someone worse.”

“We realize that there are places that medical science has not reached yet, such as Galuh, but we hope this would not last for long,” Irmansyah says.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

Official: Workers touched water with radiation 10,000 times normal

CNN News, CNN Wire Staff, March 25, 2011

Workers in protective suits prepare Thursday to decontaminate
two nuclear plant workers in Fukushima, Japan.

  • An official says high radiation in water indicates nuclear fuel in Unit No. 3 is damaged
  • Plant operator is urged to improve its radiation control measures
  • Work continues to control temperatures at all the plant's six reactors
  • Pressure had risen at the No. 1 unit, though it now seems "rather stable"

(CNN) -- The water three men were exposed to while working at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant had 10,000 times the amount of radiation typical for that locale, an official with the Japan nuclear and industrial safety agency said Friday.

The high levels indicate the nuclear fuel inside the No. 3 reactor "is damaged," the official said.

The incident raised questions about radiation control measures at the plant as 536 people -- including government authorities and firefighters continued working there Friday, according to an official with the plant's owner, Tokyo Electric Power Co.

Workers are undertaking a broad array of measures to prevent the further release of radioactive substances into the air and beyond.

Some 17 people already have been exposed to 100 or more millisieverts of radiation since the plant's crisis began two weeks ago after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami struck.

A person in an industrialized country is naturally exposed to 3 millisieverts of radiation a year.

But Japan's health ministry recently raised the maximum level of exposure for a person working to address the crisis at the nuclear plant from 100 millisieverts to 250 millisieverts per year.


The three workers exposed to radiation Thursday had the highest levels recorded so far, Tokyo Electric said.

They had been laying cables in the No. 3 reactor turbine building's basement when they stepped in the water. It seeped into the ankle-height boots of two, according to the power company.

The workers remained in the 15-centimeter (5-inch) deep water for about 40 to 50 minutes.

Two of them were admitted to the hospital: one in his 30s who was exposed to 180.7 millisieverts and the other in his 20s who tested at 179.37 millisieverts.

A third man, who was exposed to 173 millisieverts, did not go to the hospital because his boots were high enough to cover his skin, the power company said.

The water in this location is typically boiled and has low levels of radiation, Hidehiko Nishiyama of Japan's nuclear and industrial safety agency said.

The high measure prompted a top official with Nishiyama's agency to urge Tokyo Electric to "improve its radiation management measures."

The No. 1 reactor remains a chief concern, with the Japan Atomic Industrial Forum noting Friday that its containment vessel was experiencing "increased" pressure.

Earlier, buildups of hydrogen gas had driven up pressure that led to explosions at three of the nuclear plant's reactors, including the No. 1 unit.

Nishiyama conceded that "controlling the temperature and pressure has been difficult" for that reactor. Still, he told reporters Friday that the situation then was "rather stable," given indications the pressure was decreasing.

As to that unit's spent nuclear fuel pool, Nishiyama said the hope is to start pumping in fresh water -- rather than seawater, as has been done.

Such pools, which are distinct but tied to a given reactor, have nuclear fuel rods that can emit radiation especially if they heat, which is more likely to happen without any functional cooling system in place and when the rods are not fully covered in water.

Switching to fresh water, instead of seawater, is also a priority for the No. 2 reactor's core (as well as for its spent fuel pool), said Nishiyama. The aim is to prevent further corrosion and damage inside, which may be worsened by the buildup of salt.

The No. 3 reactor has been another pressing concern, especially after black smoke was seen wafting from its east side on Wednesday. The smoke had subsided by the next day, but remains a concern because its cause is still known.

Thursday's incident has further made it a focus, and Nishiyama said Friday that "radiation levels are high" in some locales near that unit.

He said that authorities were considering "other routes" to accomplish their goals of restarting its cooling systems, keeping its spent nuclear fuel pool in check and other aims.

To this end, firefighters from Tokyo and Kawasaki were expected to resume spraying toward the No. 3 reactor and its fuel pool on Friday afternoon, according to Nishiyama.

Efforts are ongoing, too, on the Nos. 4, 5 and 6 reactors -- each of which have their own concerns, though less pronounced because the units were on scheduled outages when the quake struck. None of these three units had nuclear fuel inside their reactors, though efforts are ongoing to control temperatures inside the spent fuel pools.

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Mothers receive bottles of water at a distribution office
in the Adachi ward of Tokyo. The government has warned
that infants should not be allowed to consume tap water.
(Haruyoshi Yamaguchi, Bloomberg / March 24, 2011)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Indonesia Requests Radiation-Free Certification for Japanese Foods

Jakarta Globe, Camelia Pasandaran | March 24, 2011

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The Indonesian government on Thursday said it had requested that all food imported from Japan be accompanied with certification showing it was free of radiation contamination.

Health Minister Endang Sedyaningsih said all food, both fresh and processed, shipped after March 11 should be accompanied “with radiation free and radioactive substance contamination certification from Japanese authorities.”

She said ministry data showed the latest processed food shipped from Japan was on March 9.

“There has been some fresh food [shipped] but it has been quarantined for further checks by the National Nuclear Energy Agency [Batan],” Endang said. “The tests will define whether it is safe or it needs to be destroyed.”

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Mothers receive bottles of water at a distribution office
in the Adachi ward of Tokyo. The government has warned
that infants should not be allowed to consume tap water.
(Haruyoshi Yamaguchi, Bloomberg / March 24, 2011)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Traditional herbs to be recognized in medical practice

Antara News, Mon, March 21 2011

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Surabaya (ANTARA News) - A discourse is going on in the Indonesian medical world to recognize traditional medicinal herbs as legal medicine which doctors can include in their prescriptions, the head of East Java`s health office. Dr. Dodo Anondo, said here Monday.

Herbal medicines.
"The idea was also discussed at a health ministry national working meeting in Batam a few days ago. however, many things still need to be considered before it can be implemented," he said.

The Indonesian health ministry had put the matter on its agenda since 2010 but its realization until recently had remained uncertain, he added.

He said there were still several things that should be considered before doctors could actually include herbs in their prescriptions although research conducted by the health ministry`s health research and development agency had found herbs to contain real medicinal properties.

Besides, certain regulations were needed to endorse the use and distribution of herbs as legal medicines in medical practice. Therefore, Dodo said, the health office in each province should take over the control of the distribution of medicinal herbs.

Meanwhile, polyclinics of traditional herbal medicine which existed in hospitals or community health centers should have a legal license to operate. The legal permits would be issued by the health minister as the government agency overseeing hospitals and community health centers in Indonesia.

Dodo said the preparation of implementing herbs as legal medicine for medical practice was aimed to encourage Indonesia to become a center of herbal medicine. Even more, Indonesia is a plentiful herbs country which most of the herbs can be used as medicine.

"Later on, the traditional herbal medicine can be applied in state and private hospitals in Indonesia," Dodo said.

Editor: Priyambodo RH

Teenage Quake Survivor Describes Nine-Day Ordeal

Jakarta Globe, March 21, 2011

Akira Abe, the father of Jin Abe, smiling as he speaks at a news conference
after his son was rescued from the rubble in Ishinomaki, Japan. An 80-year-old
woman, Sumi Abe, and her 16-year-old grandson, Jin Abe, were rescued
from their damaged home on Sunday, nine days after the northeast was
devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami, NHK public TV said.
(Reuters Photo)

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A teenager rescued from the rubble of Japan’s monster earthquake in a rare feat of survival recounted on Monday spending nine days trapped inside the wreckage unable to alert rescuers outside.

Jin Abe and his 80-year-old grandmother Sumi Abe were in the kitchen on the top floor of a two-storey wooden house when the 9.0-magnitude tremor struck on March 11, unleashing a massive tsunami that flattened entire cities.

The building collapsed with both inside but the 16-year-old was able to reach blankets, food and drink, helping them survive for more than a week, huddled together to keep warm.

“We found some water and snacks, so we ate them,” he said on Monday from his hospital bed in the devastated coastal city of Ishinomaki in Miyagi prefecture.

“We heard people outside but we couldn’t escape,” he said in a frail voice.

The teen described being confined in a space “the size of a room,” unable to stand up or walk around.

Finally on Sunday he managed to claw through the rubble and call out to rescue teams combing the earthquake and tsunami zone, and was airlifted to hospital along with his grandmother.

“I’m glad we survived,” he said.

The boy’s father Akira said he never gave up hope of seeing his son again.

“We all believed they were alive somewhere,” he said. “He doesn’t talk much, but I always thought he was a great man. This time he really proved it.”

The tale of endurance offered a glimmer of hope for the relatives of other people still missing after the twin natural disaster.

“I feel stunned that the two people survived in really difficult conditions for such a long time. This miraculous news is very encouraging for people affected by the disasters,” said government spokesman Yukio Edano.

But freezing temperatures in the disaster zone have dimmed hopes of finding more survivors.

Troops announced on Saturday they had found a man thought to have spent eight days in a half-destroyed house, but it later turned out he was actually an evacuee who had simply returned to his home.

Agence France-Presse

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Police arrest great granddaughter of former president Soeharto

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Sun, 03/20/2011

The Jakarta Police have arrested the great granddaughter of late former president Soeharto, Puteri Ari Sigit, in an alleged illicit drug possession case.

Putri Aryanti Haryowibowo,
great-granddaugher of Suharto
Jakarta Police narcotics director Sr. Comr. Anjan P. Putra confirmed Sunday the arrest, which took place early Friday morning.

“Yes, it is true. We’re still working on the case though,” Anjan told the press as quoted by tribunnews.com.

Anjan refused to provide more details on the arrest, but anonymous sources at the Jakarta Police said the police had secured 30 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine and 500 ecstasy pills from Puteri.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nuke radiation test for Indonesians arriving from Japan

Antara News, Sat, March 19 2011

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Tabanan, Bali (ANTARA News) - Health Minister Endang R Sedyaningsih said all Indonesians who have returned home from Japan would be examined to ensure that they were free from nuclear radiation.

Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih.
(ANTARA/Rosa Panggabean)
"I think the examination is important. Indonesian officials and citizens will be tested with special equipment before departing to Japan and on their return in Jakarta," she said here Saturday.

The Indonesian Nuclear Supervisory Agency (Bapeten) had even conducted a scanning test for Indonesians in Japan who would return home.

Head of Bapeten As Natio Lasman said 174 Indonesian who arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport from Japan on March 15 were free from radiation leak of the country`s damaged nuclear power plant.

He said in Jakarta on Friday that they were "negative" from being affected by the radiation leak.

"The scanning results of 174 evacuees have shown that they are all not contaminated by radiation substances as we have previously expected," he said.

Besides holding a scanning examination, the Bapeten authorities had also started observing the air quality of northern parts of Indonesia to ensure that it was free from the radiation.

Japan was rocked by a devastating earthquake with its subsequent deadly tsunami on March 11. The disasters had reportedly killed at least 5,000 people and caused almost 10,000 others go missing.

As a result of its nuclear plant crisis, Japan has asked Indonesia to increase its liquefied natural gas (LNG) supplies to help the country deal with the power crisis.

Japanese Deputy Foreign Minister Makiko Kikuta met with Indonesian Coordinating Minister for Economy Hatta Rajasa in Jakarta on Thursday.

Makiko told him that the 9-magnitude quake and tsunami had damaged his country`s nuclear power plant.

The supplies of electricity had drastically declined. In response to the scarcity, the Japanese government had minimized power consumption, he said.

Makiko said Japan`s power consumption is now equal to that for the entire Java Island.

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Traces of radioactive iodine found in tap water in Tokyo

Antara News, Sat, March 19 2011
Tokyo (ANTARA News/Kyodo-OANA) - Slight amounts of radioactive iodine have been detected in tap water in Tokyo, its vicinity and most prefectures neighboring Fukushima apparently due to the nuclear crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, the government said Saturday.

While the substance was found in Tochigi, Gunma, Niigata, Chiba and Saitama prefectures as well as Tokyo, traces of cesium have also been found in tap water in two of them -- Tochigi and Gunma, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology said, adding their levels do not affect human health even if they are taken in.

Among them, Tochigi, Gunma and Niigata border Fukushima Prefecture.

In Maebashi, Gunma, 2.5 becquerels of iodine and 0.38 becquerel of cesium were detected Friday per kilogram of water, the prefectural government said, adding it is the first time the substances were found since it began testing tap water for radioactive materials in 1990.

The Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan limits an intake of iodine at 300 becquerels per kilogram of water and of cesium at 200 becquerels.

Editor: Priyambodo RH

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Police: US man, 70, stoned to death by friend

The Jakarta Post, Associated Press, Pennsylvania, US | Sat, 03/19/2011

Authorities in suburban Philadelphia say a 70-year-old man was stoned to death with a rock stuffed in a sock by a younger friend who alleged the victim made unwanted sexual advances.

According to the criminal complaint, 28-year-old John Thomas told police he killed Murray Seidman because the Old Testament refers to stoning homosexuals.

Thomas was arrested and charged with murder Friday.

Authorities say Seidman died in his apartment in early January. His body was not found for days.

Police say Thomas is the executor and sole beneficiary of Seidman's willl.

He made an appearance in the Delaware County Courthouse on Friday. He had no comment as he was led out of the courthouse.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Respiratory diseases plague Aceh’s flood victims

The Jakarta Post, Fri, 03/18/2011

Victims of a recent flash food in Pidie, Aceh are suffering from respiratory diseases, according to a local official.

“The majority of the flash flood victims are suffering from respiratory diseases, aside from diarrhea, malaria and trauma,” Aceh Health Agency chief M Yani said on Friday as quoted by kompas.com.

Nine health posts set up by the agency in Tangse, around 170 kilometers from the province’s capital, Banda Aceh, were monitoring the situation and had provided free treatment to about 230 people, mostly children and elderly, Yani said.

MOX plutonium fuel used in Fukushima's Unit 3 reactor two million times more deadly than enriched uranium

Natural News, Thursday, March 17, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) Largely absent from most mainstream media reports on the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster is the fact that a highly-dangerous "mixed-oxide" (MOX) fuel in present in six percent of the fuel rods at the plant's Unit 3 reactor. Why is MOX a big deal? According to the Nuclear Information Resource Center (NIRS), this plutonium-uranium fuel mixture is far more dangerous than typical enriched uranium -- a single milligram (mg) of MOX is as deadly as 2,000,000 mg of normal enriched uranium.

On March 14, Unit 3 of the Fukushima reactor exploded, sending a huge smoke plume into the air. This particular reactor, of course, contains the rods fueled with MOX. You can watch a clip of that explosion here: http://www.youtube.com/watch ....

If even a couple milligrams of MOX were released during this explosion -- or if other explosions at the plant inflict any damage on the MOX-filled rods -- then the consequences could be exponentially more devastating than the mere leakage of enriched uranium. And since nobody knows for sure exactly which rods have been damaged, and whether or not the situation can actually be contained, it is only a matter of time before the world finds out for sure.

An exact quote from the report reads:

"In the event of such accidents (involving the accidental release of MOX), if the ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection) recommendations for general public exposure were adhered to, only about one mg of plutonium may be released from a MOX facility to the environment. As a comparison, in [sic] uranium fabrication facility, 2kg (2,000,000 mg) of uranium could be released in the same radiation exposure."

A simple calculation reveals that one mg of MOX is basically two million times more powerful than one mg of uranium. This is clearly not a good thing when the plutonium-containing fuel rods in Fukushima may be damaged from the recent explosions and leaking into the environment.

A recent National Public Radio (NPR) piece explains that the half-life of plutonium-239, a component of MOX, is an astounding 24,000 years. The same piece explains that if even a small amount of this potent substance escapes from the plant in a smoke plume, the particles will travel with the wind and contaminate soil for tens of thousands of years (http://www.npr.org/2011/03 ...).

Amazingly, most mainstream reports that mention MOX discount it as a non-threat. But the truth of the matter is that the threat posed by MOX is very serious. The NIRS report explains that inhalation of MOX radioactive material is significantly more dangerous than inhalation of normal uranium radioactive particles. You can read the entire MOX report for yourself here:

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Tokyo Electric Power Company Managing Director Akio Komiri
weeps as Japanese officials finally admit that radiation leak is serious
enough to kill people.

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