(Subjects: Religion/Worship, Lightworkers, Food, Health, Prescription Drugs, Homeopathy, Innate (Body intelligence), New Age movement, Global Unity, ... etc.) - (Text version)

“…… Should I use Doctors and Drugs to Heal Me or Spiritual Methods?

"Dear Kryon, I have heard that you should stay natural and not use the science on the planet for healing. It does not honor God to go to a doctor. After all, don't you say that we can heal with our minds? So why should we ever go to a doctor if we can do it ourselves? Not only that, my doctor isn't enlightened, so he has no idea about my innate or my spiritual body needs. What should I do?"

First, Human Being, why do you wish to put so many things in boxes? You continue to want a yes and no answer for complex situations due to your 3D, linear outlook on almost everything. Learn to think out of the 3D box! Look at the heading of this section [above]. It asks which one should you do. It already assumes you can't do both because they seem dichotomous.

Let's use some spiritual logic: Here is a hypothetical answer, "Don't go to a doctor, for you can heal everything with your mind." So now I will ask: How many of you can do that in this room right now? How many readers can do that with efficiency right now? All of you are old souls, but are you really ready to do that? Do you know how? Do you have really good results with it? Can you rid disease and chemical imbalance with your mind right now?

I'm going to give you a truth, whether you choose to see it or not. You're not ready for that! You are not yet prepared to take on the task of full healing using your spiritual tools. Lemurians could do that, because Pleiadians taught them how! It's one of the promises of God, that there'll come a day when your DNA works that efficiently and you will be able to walk away from drug chemistry and the medical industry forever, for you'll have the creator's energy working at 100 percent, something you saw within the great masters who walked the earth.

This will be possible within the ascended earth that you are looking forward to, dear one. Have you seen the news lately? Look out the window. Is that where you are now? We are telling you that the energy is going in that direction, but you are not there yet.

Let those who feel that they can heal themselves begin the process of learning how. Many will be appreciative of the fact that you have some of the gifts for this now. Let the process begin, but don't think for a moment that you have arrived at a place where every health issue can be healed with your own power. You are students of a grand process that eventually will be yours if you wish to begin the quantum process of talking to your cells. Some will be good at this, and some will just be planting the seeds of it.

Now, I would like to tell you how Spirit works and the potentials of what's going to happen in the next few years. We're going to give the doctors of the planet new inventions and new science. These will be major discoveries about the Human body and of the quantum attributes therein.

Look at what has already happened, for some of this science has already been given to you and you are actually using it. Imagine a science that would allow the heart to be transplanted because the one you have is failing. Of course! It's an operation done many times a month on this planet. That information came from the creator, did you realize that? It didn't drop off the shelf of some dark energy library to be used in evil ways.

So, if you need a new heart, Lightworker, should you go to the doctor or create one with your mind? Until you feel comfortable that you can replace your heart with a new one by yourself, then you might consider using the God-given information that is in the hands of the surgeon. For it will save your life, and create a situation where you stay and continue to send your light to the earth! Do you see what we're saying?

You can also alter that which is medicine [drugs] and begin a process that is spectacular in its design, but not very 3D. I challenge you to begin to use what I would call the homeopathic principle with major drugs. If some of you are taking major drugs in order to alter your chemistry so that you can live better and longer, you might feel you have no choice. "Well, this is keeping me alive," you might say. "I don't yet have the ability to do this with my consciousness, so I take the drugs."

In this new energy, there is something else that you can try if you are in this category. Do the following with safety, intelligence, common sense and logic. Here is the challenge: The principle of homeopathy is that an almost invisible tincture of a substance is ingested and is seen by your innate. Innate "sees" what you are trying to do and then adjusts the body's chemistry in response. Therefore, you might say that you are sending the body a "signal for balance." The actual tincture is not large enough to affect anything chemically - yet it works!

The body [innate] sees what you're trying to do and then cooperates. In a sense, you might say the body is healing itself because you were able to give it instructions through the homeopathic substance of what to do. So, why not do it with a major drug? Start reducing the dosage and start talking to your cells, and see what happens. If you're not successful, then stop the reduction. However, to your own amazement, you may often be successful over time.

You might be able to take the dosage that you're used to and cut it to at least a quarter of what it was. It is the homeopathy principle and it allows you to keep the purpose of the drug, but reduce it to a fraction of a common 3D dosage. You're still taking it internally, but now it's also signaling in addition to working chemically. The signal is sent, the body cooperates, and you reduce the chance of side effects.

You can't put things in boxes of yes or no when it comes to the grand system of Spirit. You can instead use spiritual logic and see the things that God has given you on the planet within the inventions and processes. Have an operation, save your life, and stand and say, "Thank you, God, for this and for my being born where these things are possible." It's a complicated subject, is it not? Each of you is so different! You'll know what to do, dear one. Never stress over that decision, because your innate will tell you what is appropriate for you if you're willing to listen. ….”

Monsanto / GMO - Global Health

(Subjects: Big pharma [the drug companies of America] are going to have to change very soon or collapse. When you have an industry that keeps people sick for money, it cannot survive in the new consciousness., Global Unity, ... etc.) - (Text version)
"Recalibration of Free Choice"– Mar 3, 2012 (Kryon Channelling by Lee Caroll) - (Subjects: (Old) Souls, Midpoint on 21-12-2012, Shift of Human Consciousness, Black & White vs. Color, 1 - Spirituality (Religions) shifting, Lose a Pope “soon”, 2 - Humans will change react to drama, 3 - Civilizations/Population on Earth, 4 - Alternate energy sources (Geothermal, Tidal (Pedal wheels), Wind), 5 – Financials Institutes/concepts will change (Integrity – Ethical) , 6 - News/Media/TV to change, 7 Big Pharmaceutical company will collapse “soon”, (Keep people sick), (Integrity – Ethical) 8 – Wars will be over on Earth, Global Unity, … etc.) - (Text version)
"The Recalibration of Awareness – Apr 20/21, 2012 (Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: Old Energy, Recalibration Lectures, God / Creator, Religions/Spiritual systems (Catholic Church, Priests/Nun’s, Worship, John Paul Pope, Women in the Church otherwise church will go, Current Pope won’t do it), Middle East, Jews, Governments will change (Internet, Media, Democracies, Dictators, North Korea, Nations voted at once), Integrity (Businesses, Tobacco Companies, Bankers/ Financial Institutes, Pharmaceutical company to collapse), Illuminati (Started in Greece, Shipping, Financial markets, Stock markets, Pharmaceutical money (fund to build Africa, to develop)), Shift of Human Consciousness, (Old) Souls, Women, Masters to/already come back, Global Unity.... etc.) - (Text version)
"THE BRIDGE OF SWORDS" – Sep 29, 2012 (Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: ... I'm in Canada and I know it, but I will tell those listening and reading in the American audience the following: Get ready! Because there are some institutions that are yet to fall, ones that don't have integrity and that could never be helped with a bail out. Again, we tell you the biggest one is big pharma, and we told you that before. It's inevitable. If not now, then in a decade. It's inevitable and they will fight to stay alive and they will not be crossing the bridge. For on the other side of the bridge is a new way, not just for medicine but for care. ....) - (Text Version)

Pharmaceutical Fraud / Corruption cases

Health Care

Health Care
Happy birthday to Percy Julian, a pioneer in plant-drug synthesis. His research produced steroids like cortisone. (11 April 2014)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

China to regulate traditional medicine market

Want China Times, Xinhua 2013-07-31

Customers buying traditional Chinese medicine in Bozhou, Anhui province.

The China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) on Tuesday called on medical ingredient markets nationwide to curb the manufacture and sale of counterfeit traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Officials in charge of TCM trade centers in 17 cities were summoned to a CFDA meeting on regulating the market.

During CFDA's recent inspections of the TCM market, it found that the production and sale of counterfeit medicine, as well as illegal processing and business operations, are occurring in the medical ingredient market, according to a statement from the administration.

"Firm determination should be used to rectify the market," said CFDA deputy director Wu Zhen.

The move is part of a national campaign starting from July 17 to crack down on counterfeit medicine.

Problematic medical ingredient centers should be closed, criminals should be seriously punished and relevant officials should be held accountable, said Wu.

Tanzania's long battle with HIV-AIDS

Deutsche Welle, 30 July 2013

1.6 million people in Tanzania are HIV positive – almost six percent of the population. But the country is managing to contain the disease with the help of drug therapy and investment in the health service.

Eighty four thousand people in Tanzania still die each year from AIDS-related diseases, but the country has nonetheless made enormous progress in combating the pandemic, according to Christoph Benn from the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis. Twenty years ago, funerals of AIDS sufferers were an everyday occurrence,”  recalled Benn, who himself was the head of a hospital in Tanzania at the time. “Young people were dying; children were uncared for, there were orphans in every village. One could see how this country was suffering socially and economically.”

The breakthrough came at the end of the 1990s when it became possible to treat, though not cure, HIV-AIDS. As Benn explained, noboby was going to get themselves tested for HIV if the outcome could be a death sentence. But that has changed since the arrival of drug therapy and the number of  AIDS cases in Tanzania has declined.

People now talk about AIDS

Japo Hemedi has been living
with HIV for five years
When the Tanzanian government launched an HIV-AIDS public awareness campaign in 2005 calling on people to get themeselves tested for the virus, Japo Hemedi was among those who went to a doctor. She had been sick and feeling weak for a long time. The diagnosis confirmed her worst fears. She was HIV positive. But thanks to free medical treatment and supervision, she has now learned to live with the disease. The 50-year-old single mother of five children sells fresh fruits and vegetables at a stand outside the hospital in Temeke district in Dar es Salaam. Her family and most of her customers know she is HIV positive. “I have never felt stigmatised. My family and neighbors have accepted me in spite of the disease,” she said.

Up to 200 HIV patients are treated daily in the hospital in Temeke. Improved public health education has made work easier for the doctors, said the hospital's medical director, Dr. Suleiman Muttani. “Patients who come to the hospital with a broken leg now tell the doctors when they are HIV positive. People have learned they can live with AIDS”. However they have to take their medicationss regularly and go to the doctor immediately in the event of an infection,“ he said. "We are trying to make people understand that it is possible ro control AIDS more easily than diabetes, for example," he added.

Possible to live with AIDS

The Pasada AIDS clinic in Dar es Salaam attends to the needs of about 3,000 adult patients and almost 6000 children, including orphans, every  month. Christa Alunas is a young mother. “I was very sick before I came here” she said. Christa is HIV positive, but she believes her nine month old daughter is HIV negative. “I have been treated here since 2005. At the beginning I only had fever. Then I got skin rashes and later tuberculosis. Both have been treated successfully,” says the 34 year old. “ Today I feel good. I take my medicines reglarly and my life is great."

NGO PSI hands out free condoms to
help stop the spread of HIV-AIDS
Pasada, a Roman Catholic aid organisation, receives financial support from the German Leprosy and Tuberculosis Relief and  the Global Fund and takes part in  the Tanzanian government's program to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child.

During pregnancy, HIV-positive women receive regular medication to prevent transmission of the disease in the womb. The babies are also given medical treatment for HIV until they are 18 months old when they are tested for the disease. Christa is confident that her daughter will grow up without HIV.

Recommending but not sharing condoms

Pasada director Frank Manase admits that his clinic's allegiance to the Catholic Church imposes limits on its ability to prevent the spread of AIDS. It cannot encourage the use of condoms.  “Drawing on our faith, we explain the importance of condoms, but we do not distribute them. There is a conflict here. We do not turn people away who ask for condoms, we tell them where they can get them," he said.

One NGO that has no qualms about the use of condoms is Population Services International, with which the German government has been working in Africa since 2005 . PSI uses street theater, musical events and video evenings in villages to educate people about HIV-AIDS and how to prevent it from spreading.

Khadija Azoma has just been to an open air video presentation in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam with her two children. The message in the video is clear, she said. “When you are in a relationship, be faithful. When you do have an affair outside your marriage, then use a condom.” Last year PSI distributed around 80 million condoms.

Tanzania is on the right path

PSI uses street theater to educate
 people about HIV-AIDS and how to
protect themselves
Khadija also wished that her husband had joined them for the video evening, "because  then he would now be better informed,“ she said . But at least her children are going to be taught what they need to know. Khadija said her young daughter has already had some sex education,  “but of course I will want to talk to her as well.”

Christoph Benn from Global Fund believes Tanzania is on the right road . Thanks to the economic growth of recent years, the country is investing more in the health sector. “But one should not forget what would have happened, had the country not been able to beat back the disease.”

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New teeth grown from urine – study

BBC News, James Gallagher, Health and science reporter, 29 July 2013

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Could stem cells be a source
of new teeth?
Scientists have grown rudimentary teeth out of the most unlikely of sources, human urine.

The results, published in Cell Regeneration Journal, showed that urine could be used as a source of stem cells that in turn could be grown into tiny tooth-like structures.

The team from China hopes the technique could be developed into a way of replacing lost teeth.

Other stem cell researchers caution that that goal faces many challenges.

Teams of researchers around the world are looking for ways of growing new teeth to replace those lost with age and poor dental hygiene.

Stem cells - the master cells which can grow into any type of tissue - are a popular area of research.

The group at the Guangzhou Institutes of Biomedicine and Health used urine as the starting point.

Cells which are normally passed from the body, such as those from the lining of the body's waterworks, are harvested in the laboratory. These collected cells are then coaxed into becoming stem cells.

A mix of these cells and other material from a mouse was implanted into the animals.

The researchers said that after three weeks the bundle of cells started to resemble a tooth: "The tooth-like structure contained dental pulp, dentin, enamel space and enamel organ."

However, the "teeth" were not as hard as natural teeth.

This piece of research is not immediately going to lead to new options for the dentist, but the researchers say it could lead to further studies towards "the final dream of total regeneration of human teeth for clinical therapy".

'Worst source'

Prof Chris Mason, a stem cell scientist at University College London, said urine was a poor starting point.

"It is probably one of the worst sources, there are very few cells in the first place and the efficiency of turning them into stem cells is very low.

"You just wouldn't do it in this way."

He also warned that the risk of contamination, such as through bacteria, was much higher than with other sources of cells.

Prof Mason added: "The big challenge here is the teeth have got a pulp with nerve and blood vessels which have to make sure they integrate to get permanent teeth."

Saturday, July 27, 2013

South African chef 'too fat' to live in New Zealand

BBC News, 27 July 2013

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Nearly 30% of adults are
overweight in New Zealand
Authorities in New Zealand have told a South African chef he is too fat to be allowed to live in the country.

Immigration officials said Albert Buitenhuis, who weighs 130kg (286 pounds), did not have "an acceptable standard of health".

He now faces expulsion despite shedding 30kg since he moved to the city of Christchurch six years ago

New Zealand has one of the highest obesity rates in the developed world, with nearly 30% of people overweight.

Mr Buitenhuis and his wife, Marthie, moved from South Africa to Christchurch in 2007. At the time, the chef weighed 160 kg.

Until now, their annual work visas had been renewed with "very little problem", his wife said.

"We applied year after year and there were no issues," she said.

"They never mentioned Albert's weight or his health once and he was a lot heavier then."

But in early May, the couple was told their work visas had been declined because of Mr Buitenhuis's weight.

"The irony is that at the moment he weighs less than when we first arrived in New Zealand and also less than in his first medical, which was accepted by [immigration authorities]," his wife said.

The couple has appealed to New Zealand's immigration minister, citing the chef's recent weight loss.

An immigration spokesman said Mr Buitenhuis's application had been rejected because his obesity put him at "significant risk" of complications including diabetes, hypertension and heart disease.

"It is important that all migrants have an acceptable standard of health to minimise costs and demands on New Zealand's health services," he said.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Police reveal details of GSK China's alleged violations

Want China Times, Xinhua 2013-07-26

A GSK office in Tianjin. (Photo/Xinhua)

Police in China on Thursday revealed details of GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) China's alleged bribery and tax-related violations that pushed up drug prices and disrupted market order.

After the Ministry of Public Security announced on July 11 that some employees from GSK China were being investigated for suspected bribery and tax-related violations, more individuals involved in the case, including salespeople and doctors, are now under investigation.

Xinhua has learned from police officers handling the case that they are suspected of offering bribes to doctors, asking them to prescribe more drugs in order to grow sales volume, and in the meantime pushing up drug prices.


A man surnamed Li, 31, is a regional sales manager at GSK China in central China's Henan province and in charge of selling respiratory drugs to more than 10 hospitals in the province's capital city Zhengzhou.

He said before taking post, a GSK China salesperson will receive special training not only on information of specific drugs, but also sales skills and methods, especially how to maintain relations with hospitals and doctors.

In a bid to start their work, pharmaceutical representatives will have 10,000 yuan (US$1,667) of funds, and a namelist of doctors from all around the country and files on them.

They invited doctors to join high-end academic conferences to help the practitioners increase influence in their fields. They also established good personal relations with doctors by catering to their pleasures or offering them money, in order to make them prescribe more drugs.

A 35-year-old female medical representative surnamed Wang working under Li said she entered doctors' offices to act as their assistant, and meet their needs as much as possible, even their sexual desires.

Wang said GSK China's executives already knew this, and some executives gave clear directives to the sales department to offer bribes to doctors with money or opportunities to attend academic conferences.


Police said about 7%-10% of sales volume went to doctors' personal accounts. Once a doctor agrees to cooperate with GSK China, the company will establish the doctor's file and pay a bonus to the doctor based on his or her prescriptions of the firm's drugs.

For those doctors who avoid receiving money, GSK China's salespeople would invite them to academic meetings or lectures and provide them with gifts, free travel after meetings and lecture fees.

In fact, many doctors received lecture fees even when the lectures did not exist. Wang just forged lecture materials in order to obtain reimbursements from the company.

The police found that under GSK China executives' acquiescence and even encouragement in forged forms, pharmaceutical representatives reimbursed a large amount of money in the name of lecture fees, covering various expenses including travel and other entertainment, to help the company avoid legal risks.


Yu Fu (pseudonym), a respiratory department director of a reputable hospital (the name of which was not disclosed), became a client of Wang in 2011.

"When the GSK representative came to me, he told me their company was a leading one in the world, and attached great importance to academic activities," Yu said. "He told me the company also sponsored doctors to attend national or international conferences, covering their registration fees and travel."

Yu said, "After we got more familiar, Wang visited me at festivals, treating me to dinner and buying me gifts. When our department held events, Wang also paid the bill."

Later on, Yu recalled, Wang blatantly offered kickbacks to doctors, for example, 20 yuan (US$3.26) for each pack of Seretide, an asthma-treating inhaler; and 10 yuan for each dose of Flixotide, an asthma-treating spray. Wang made all doctors in Yu's department his clients.

According to Li and Wang, the company set the target of raising drug sales by 30 percent annually in the last two years, and the target can only be achieved by pushing doctors to prescribe more if there are no increases in the number of patients.

Yu said, "Generally speaking, hospitals are also inclined to prescribe more."

Wang said bribery related to expenses will push up the sale price of drugs.

On July 21, when Abbas Hussain, a president of GSK in charge of international business, met with a senior official from the public security ministry, he professed GSK's plan to adjust the company's business model to cut operational costs in drug prices.

Dutch Measles outbreak widens, reaches 600 cases

DutchNews.nl, Thursday 25 July 2013

“BMR” vaccin (ANP)
A further 147 cases of measles were reported last week, bringing the total to 613, the public health institute RIVM said on Thursday.

The outbreak, which began in May, has also spread to four new local authority health services, including Utrecht and The Hague.

Among the new cases are two healthcare workers who probably contracted the disease during their work. Several hospitals in the affected regions and with low take-up of vaccination are now taking preventative measures.

The RIVM expects a falling-off of cases during the summer holiday and for the outbreak to reach its peak after the summer.

Bible Belt

Most of the cases are in the Bible Belt region where staunchly Protestant communities do not vaccinate their children on religious grounds.

Last week, prime minister was criticised by ministers in the orthodox Dutch Protestant church for saying: 'God never meant these children to suffer because He also ensured their are vaccines.'

Dutch Bible Belt

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Question: Dear Kryon, I have a new grandson. He's going for his first vaccination in the next few weeks. If we're beginning to transmute toxins with reconnections to our endocrine system through our DNA, then what happens to our babies, who by law have to be vaccinated? What are your thoughts on this subject?

Answer: First, know that vaccinations are a God-given science that humanity earned. They're a tried and proven homeopathic method that have been with you for years. You were probably vaccinated yourself, and it worked.

We have three answers: (1) God is not in a vacuum. Even the vaccinated Human Being who's older can modify and rework their DNA. So there's no time limit, and there are no rules that say "Once vaccinated, you're ruined." (2) The Human who is of the age of awareness can say, even as they are vaccinated, "Let nothing inappropriate enter my chemistry." This is a conscious instruction given to your "intelligent cellular structure" (the same one responsible for kinesiology and homeopathic results). This will result in your cells only using what they need and casting away everything else. (3) Finally, about babies: There has been a push by your science lately to vaccinate against many things at the same time. You'd be advised to seek out a doctor who will only vaccinate your child for only the basic diseases that have been known in the last 40 years. Eliminate the vaccinations for the new ones. This leaves you with approximately seven or eight - the very ones that have been used for years. What your science is not appreciating yet is the results of combining all the vaccination substances together. There's a problem that will show itself in time. Stick with the basic ones.

"Perceptions of God" – June 6, 2010 (Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: Quantum TeachingThe Fear of God, Near-death ExperienceGod Becomes Mythology, Worship, Mastery, Intelligent Design, Benevolent Creator,Global Unity.... etc.(Text version)

“.. For centuries you haven't been able to think past that box of what God must be like. So you create a Human-like God with wars in heaven, angel strife, things that would explain the devil, fallen angels, pearly gates, lists of dos and don'ts, and many rules still based on cultures that are centuries old. You create golden streets and even sexual pleasures as rewards for men (of course) - all Human perspective, pasted upon God. I want to tell you that it's a lot different than that. I want to remind you that there are those who have seen it! Why don't you ask somebody who has had what you would call a near-death experience?

"THE THREE WINDS" – Feb 23-24, 2013 (Kryon Channelling by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: Humanity, Home - other side of the veil, Wind of Birth - Birth, Wind of Existence - Life, Wind of Transition - Death) (Text version)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

‘Pray away the gay’ therapies quickly losing ground in the United States

The Raw Story– AFP,  July 24, 2013

People gather for the 43rd annual San Francisco Pride Parade on June 30, 
2013, in San Francisco, California (Getty Images/AFP/File, Sarah Rice)

As gay marriage wins wider acceptance across the United States, support for therapy aimed at “converting” homosexuals appears to be losing ground.

Although California’s move to ban the practice for minors looks set to be followed by other states, there are still plenty of psychotherapists offering the controversial service.

Often with links to conservative Christian organizations, they openly advertise treatment regarded as unethical and profoundly damaging by mainstream medical opinion.

Ryan Kendall, now a 30-year-old student at New York’s Columbia University, was on the receiving end of such therapy as an adolescent.

His parents discovered that he was gay by reading his journal when he was a 14-year-old growing up in a conservative community in Colorado Spring, Colorado.

He said that at that age, he already was fully aware of his sexuality and knew he could not change.

But that did not prevent his family from forcing him to see a series of conversion therapists over the course of the next two years.

“They would tell me that less than one percent of the world population was gay or lesbian,” he recalled in an interview with AFP.

“That I would die of AIDS before I was 30. That God disapproved of who I was, that my family disapproved, that society disapproved.”

For Kendall, the treatment ended when he ran away from home at the age of 16 and cut all ties with his family. But the trauma continued.

“I lost everything. My family, my faith, the roof over my head, educational opportunities. For the next nine or 10 years I was suicidally depressed. I was homeless off and on, I began abusing drugs.

“This kind of damage is not something you get over, you develop symptoms of PTSD,” he said, referring to the psychic damage exhibited by some emotionally shattered soldiers after in warfare.

“You live with that for the rest of your life.”

In what was widely seen as a benchmark of changing attitudes, gay rights activists were able last month to celebrate the closure of the oldest and best-known organization dedicated to the cause of gay conversion through therapy and prayer.

Exodus International, established in 1976, had some 150 branches across the United States and Canada. Prior to closing, its leader Alan Chambers issued an apology for the “pain and hurt” the organization’s activities had caused.

Chambers acknowledged last year that 99.99 percent of those who had undergone conversion therapy had not changed their sexual orientation.

Such figures do not convince Dr Tara King, a psychotherapist in Brick, New Jersey, who remains an advocate of a process that she says worked on herself but is expected to soon be outlawed for the under-18s in her state.

“If it is law, I will stop,” the former lesbian said with a smile before going on to explain why she regarded the impending legislation as an attack on religious freedom and unwarranted state interference in how parents bring up their children.

Sitting in her surgery, a huge Bible in front of her, the now celibate 49-year-old recounted how she had undergone nine years of therapy after realizing, at 24, that she could not reconcile her attraction to women with her religious faith.

“It was a lot of work. It was painful,” she said. “It was nine years before I stopped having same sex attraction. It is no different from a person with an alcohol addiction who will have cravings for years.”

Her patients are often youngsters sent to her by their parents, but she denies the process of examining and challenging their feelings is necessarily harmful.

“You are just talking about what the client wants to talk about, challenging their thoughts and offering some solutions. It is really a dialogue, and I’m not sure how a dialogue can be harmful,” she said, adding that “there is no shock treatment” during the therapy.

King admits that she can do little to influence a teenager who does not want to change, but she remains convinced that every homosexual has the potential to become heterosexual because the former option is “not the best plan that God has for them.”

A bill that would prevent licensed therapists from counseling gay and lesbian youths to change their sexual orientation was approved by New Jersey’s Senate last month and is currently awaiting final approval by the state’s governor.

The states of New York and Massachusetts are expected to follow the lead of California.

(Photo: Alexandria)

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Jeremy Marks: 'I began to think that perhaps we’d got it
really wrong. ' Photograph: Lydia Goldblatt for the
“ ... You see, your Soul and Creator are not concerned with any perspective you have that contradicts the reality of your Divinity – whether this be your gender, your sexual preference, your nationality – or your race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, or anything else.The only identity that has any fundamental or lasting relevance to your Soul is your Divinity. Any other way you may label or identify yourself is transitory. It changes from one incarnation to the next. ..."

"The Akashic System" – Jul 17, 2011 (Kryon channelled by Lee Carroll) - (Subjects: Religion, GodBenevolent Design, DNA, Akashic Circle, (Old) Souls, Gaia, Indigenous People, Talents, Reincarnation, Genders, Gender Switches, In “between” Gender Change, Gender Confusion, Shift of Human Consciousness, Global Unity,..... etc.)

Question: Dear Kryon: Regarding homosexuality or transsexuals. WHY are they the way they are and WHY are they not accepted in mainstream society?

Answer: [From the Kryon Office]
There is often a tremendous amount of information on subjects that are not necessarily part of the on-line magazine Q&A database. Kryon has been channelling for fourteen years, with 9 books covering many, many topics. Homosexuality was one of them from the very beginning. Please see our "Books index page" for subjects contained in the Kryon books: [http://www.kryon.com/direct.html]

An excerpt from Kryon Book 6, page 306

Question from the book: Dear Kryon, I am gay, and an enlightened man. I live in an American society that barely tolerates me, and actually has some laws against my way of life. The church I used to belong to cast me out as being evil and anti-God. I don't feel that I am violating some Human ethic. My love is as true as any heterosexual, and I am a light worker. Tell me what I should know.

Answer from the book: Dear one, less than two generations from now, there will be those who find this book and laugh at the quaintness of this very question. Before I answer, let me ask you and those reading this to examine a phenomenon about Human society and "God."

Thirty years ago, interracial marriage was considered to be wrong by the laws of God. Now your society finds it common. The spiritual objections around it were either dropped or "rewritten" by those divinely inspired and authorized to do so. Therefore, your actual interpretations of the instructions from God changed with your society's tolerance level--an interesting thing, indeed, how the interpretations of God seem to change regularly to match a changing culture!

The truth, of course, is that you find yourself in a situation that is known to create a test for you. Right now, in this time, you have agreed to come into your culture with an attribute that may alienate you from friends and religious followers. You have faced fear of rejection and have had to "swim upstream," so to speak, just as an everyday life occurrence. Your contract, therefore, has been set up well, and you are in the middle of it. Additionally, like so many like you, you have a divine interest in yourselves! You feel part of the spiritual family. What a dichotomy indeed, to be judged as evil by those who are the high spiritual leaders--interpreting God for today's culture.

Now I say this: What is your intent? Is it to walk with love for all those around you and become an enlightened Human Being in this New Age? Is it to forgive those who see you as a spiritual blight on society? Can you have the kind of tolerance for them that they seem not to have for you? Can you overlook the fact that they freely quote their scriptures in order to condemn you, yet they don't seem to have the love tolerance that is the cornerstone of their own message?

If the answer is yes, then there is nothing else you must do. Your INTENT is everything, and your life will be honored with peace over those who would cause unrest, and tolerance for the intolerable. Your sexual attributes are simply chemistry and setups within your DNA. They are given by agreement as gifts for you to experience in this life. Look on them in this fashion, and be comfortable with that fact that you are a perfect spiritual creation under God--loved beyond measure--just like all humans. But then you know that, don't you?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beijing expands GSK bribery probe to other multinationals

Want China Times, Staff Reporter 2013-07-24

The foyer of a UCB office in Shanghai. (Internet Photo)

Nearly one month after reports that Beijing is investigating bribery allegations against British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline in China, authorities have expanded the probe to other multinational drug companies such as the US-based Abbott Laboratories, UK-based AstraZeneca, and Swiss-based Novartis, reports the Shanghai-based First Financial Daily.

Last Friday, Belgian biopharmaceutical company UCB confirmed that officials from China's State Administration for Industry & Commerce (SAIC) have launched an investigation into several multinational drug companies and domestic drug firms including UCB's office in Shanghai, the paper said.

GSK is facing its biggest risk in China since entering the country in 1908, as police are investigating whether its executives are involved in alleged economic crimes, according to Beijing's Economic Observer. Meanwhile, on June 28 a police officer surnamed Hu at the Changsha Public Security Bureau confirmed that his office is investigating GSK China executives involving in alleged bribery, saying that the case is still ongoing.

Various sources said China is expanding its probe to cover other multinational drug companies. In the latter half of last week, SAIC officials paid visits to various branch offices of Abbott Laboratories, AstraZeneca and Novartis.

According to a July 18 request notice from Nanjing's SAIC branch, the administration demanded that an unnamed foreign drug company cooperate with the investigation, the First Financial Daily said. An anonymous sales manager at one of the foreign drug company said his company has already held several internal meetings regarding the matter. He added that SAIC officials visited several foreign drug firms last week, and executives of two foreign firms were requested to report to the SAIC offices for further investigation.

At a time when Chinese officials are investigating the GSK case, doctors are also being cautious, with many of them cancelling meetings or seminars with foreign drug firms, the paper said. Meanwhile, related drug firms have declined to comment on the probe, with Abbott Laboratories and also Novartis refusing to confirm whether they received visits from SAIC officials.

According to an insider, multinational drug companies will now have to compromise on their pricing strategies, facing pressure to cut their drug prices in China, especially at a time when many of their drug patents will expire. Among the world's top 20 drug companies, 35% of their drugs will saw their patents expire between 2009 and 2013. Last year, drug companies suffered a loss of over US$35 billion from expired patents, a increase from the US$20.4 billion reported in 2011, according to research firm EvaluatePharma.

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Big pharma mobilising patients in battle over drugs trials data

Leaked memo from industry bodies reveals strategy to combat calls by regulators to force companies to publish results

The Guardian, Ian Sample, science correspondent, Sunday 21 July 2013

Pharmaceutical industry has broadly resisted moves to share data from
drugs trials more freely. Photograph: Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images

The pharmaceutical industry has "mobilised" an army of patient groups to lobby against plans to force companies to publish secret documents on drugs trials.

Drugs companies publish only a fraction of their results and keep much of the information to themselves, but regulators want to ban the practice. If companies published all of their clinical trials data, independent scientists could reanalyse their results and check companies' claims about the safety and efficacy of drugs.

Under proposals being thrashed out in Europe, drugs companies would be compelled to release all of their data, including results that show drugs do not work or cause dangerous side-effects.

While some companies have agreed to share data more freely, the industry has broadly resisted the moves. The latest strategy shows how patient groups – many of which receive some or all of their funding from drugs companies – have been brought into the battle.

The strategy was drawn up by two large trade groups, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA) and the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), and outlined in a memo to senior industry figures this month, according to an email seen by the Guardian.

The memo, from Richard Bergström, director general of EFPIA, went to directors and legal counsel at Roche, Merck, Pfizer, GSK, AstraZeneca, Eli Lilly, Novartis and many smaller companies. It was leaked by a drugs company employee.

The email describes a four-pronged campaign that starts with "mobilising patient groups to express concern about the risk to public health by non-scientific re-use of data". Translated, that means patient groups go into bat for the industry by raising fears that if full results from drug trials are published, the information might be misinterpreted and cause a health scare.

The lobbying is targeted at Europe where the European Medicines Agency (EMA) wants to publish all of the clinical study reports that companies have filed, and where negotiations around the clinical trials directive could force drug companies to publish all clinical trial results in a public database.

"Some who oppose full disclosure of data fear that publishing the information could reveal trade secrets, put patient privacy at risk, and be distorted by scientists' own conflicts of interest. While many of the concerns are valid, critics say they can be addressed, and that openness is far more important for patient safety."

Tim Reed, of Health Action International, a group that has previously exposed the pharmaceutical industry's financial links with patient groups, said: "It's incredibly ironic that this is a transparency initiative and we've now got clear indications that the pharmaceutical industry is ready to use patient organisations to fight their corner.

"It underlines the fact that patient groups who are in the pay of the pharmaceutical industry will go into battle for them. There's a hidden agenda here. The patient groups will say they think it's a great idea to keep clinical trials data secret. Why would they do that? They would do that because they are fronts for the pharmaceutical industry.

"Patient groups get traction because they are assumed to represent the voice of the suffering. But industry uses them to say we're not going to get innovative medicines if the industry is deterred from investing by having to be transparent about their clinical trials," he added.

A recent review of medical research estimated that only half of all clinical trials were published in full, and that positive results were twice as likely to be published than negative ones.

A source in the European parliament, who is close to the negotiations over the clinical trials directive, said he had experienced intense lobbying from patient groups. "We've witnessed this sort of activity in recent months, and it's a concern if the pharmaceutical industry is behind some of it. They are trying to weaken some of the transparency proposals and that's clear from the amount of lobbying we've had," he said.

The patient groups focus on the concern that if companies release all of their clinical trials data, the information might be misconstrued, or intentionally cherry-picked, and spark damaging health scares around certain drugs or vaccines.

"These aren't completely unfounded concerns, but the risk already exists, and those things already happen. The answer is to have a responsible scientific community that can counteract the allegations and claims," the source said.

Two other strands of the campaign include discussions with scientific associations about the risks of data sharing, and work with other businesses that are concerned about the release of trade secrets and confidential data. The final strand calls, in the long term, for a network of academics across Europe that can be called on to correct false interpretations of the data. "That is deemed to be happening in any case," the memo concedes.

In response to queries from the Guardian, GSK said: "This is not something we are doing. One of the reasons we're involved in this is we want more companies to move towards greater transparency. I don't think it's for us to be mobilising patient groups to campaign on a negative level."

A Roche spokesperson said the company consulted patient groups to understand their concerns about clinical trials, but "to our knowledge Roche has not been involved in any EFPIA's potential activity in mobilising patient groups to express concern about the risk to public health by non-scientific re-use of data".

A Lilly spokesman said: "Lilly is committed to working with Europe-based patient advocacy organisations for the benefit of patients in a way that is true to the EFPIA code of practice and Lilly's integrity in business policy."

Individuals who received the memo at several other companies, including AstraZeneca and Novartis, did not respond.

Tracey Brown, director of the campaign group, Sense about Science, and co-founder of AllTrials, a campaign to get all clinical trials registered and all results reported, said: "We now have the prospect of really significant developments to end the secrecy and make clinical trial reporting a practical reality and, finally, some sound commitments from parts of industry.

"In this context, the industry associations' strategy to get others to raise further spurious problems is backward. It should embarrass anyone associated with it. I would say to the individual companies that they should publicly distance themselves from any association with EFPIA and PhRMA's strategy now," she said.

The EFPIA told the Guardian it had been working with PhRMA on a "commitment to enhance sharing of clinical data" to researchers and the public, and intended to make an announcement this week.

"Knowing that some people want all data to be made available to everyone, EFPIA is engaging with stakeholders to share concerns with harmful 're-use' of data. We will engage not only with patient groups, but also with the scientific community," it said.

Matt Bennett, senior vice-president of PhRMA, said in a statement: "EMA's proposed policies on clinical trial information raise numerous concerns for patients. We believe it is important to engage with all stakeholders in the clinical trial ecosystem, including the patients who volunteer to participate in clinical trials, about the issue.

"If enacted, the proposals could risk patient privacy, lead to fewer clinical trials, and result in fewer new medicines to meet patient needs and improve health."