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“…… Should I use Doctors and Drugs to Heal Me or Spiritual Methods?

"Dear Kryon, I have heard that you should stay natural and not use the science on the planet for healing. It does not honor God to go to a doctor. After all, don't you say that we can heal with our minds? So why should we ever go to a doctor if we can do it ourselves? Not only that, my doctor isn't enlightened, so he has no idea about my innate or my spiritual body needs. What should I do?"

First, Human Being, why do you wish to put so many things in boxes? You continue to want a yes and no answer for complex situations due to your 3D, linear outlook on almost everything. Learn to think out of the 3D box! Look at the heading of this section [above]. It asks which one should you do. It already assumes you can't do both because they seem dichotomous.

Let's use some spiritual logic: Here is a hypothetical answer, "Don't go to a doctor, for you can heal everything with your mind." So now I will ask: How many of you can do that in this room right now? How many readers can do that with efficiency right now? All of you are old souls, but are you really ready to do that? Do you know how? Do you have really good results with it? Can you rid disease and chemical imbalance with your mind right now?

I'm going to give you a truth, whether you choose to see it or not. You're not ready for that! You are not yet prepared to take on the task of full healing using your spiritual tools. Lemurians could do that, because Pleiadians taught them how! It's one of the promises of God, that there'll come a day when your DNA works that efficiently and you will be able to walk away from drug chemistry and the medical industry forever, for you'll have the creator's energy working at 100 percent, something you saw within the great masters who walked the earth.

This will be possible within the ascended earth that you are looking forward to, dear one. Have you seen the news lately? Look out the window. Is that where you are now? We are telling you that the energy is going in that direction, but you are not there yet.

Let those who feel that they can heal themselves begin the process of learning how. Many will be appreciative of the fact that you have some of the gifts for this now. Let the process begin, but don't think for a moment that you have arrived at a place where every health issue can be healed with your own power. You are students of a grand process that eventually will be yours if you wish to begin the quantum process of talking to your cells. Some will be good at this, and some will just be planting the seeds of it.

Now, I would like to tell you how Spirit works and the potentials of what's going to happen in the next few years. We're going to give the doctors of the planet new inventions and new science. These will be major discoveries about the Human body and of the quantum attributes therein.

Look at what has already happened, for some of this science has already been given to you and you are actually using it. Imagine a science that would allow the heart to be transplanted because the one you have is failing. Of course! It's an operation done many times a month on this planet. That information came from the creator, did you realize that? It didn't drop off the shelf of some dark energy library to be used in evil ways.

So, if you need a new heart, Lightworker, should you go to the doctor or create one with your mind? Until you feel comfortable that you can replace your heart with a new one by yourself, then you might consider using the God-given information that is in the hands of the surgeon. For it will save your life, and create a situation where you stay and continue to send your light to the earth! Do you see what we're saying?

You can also alter that which is medicine [drugs] and begin a process that is spectacular in its design, but not very 3D. I challenge you to begin to use what I would call the homeopathic principle with major drugs. If some of you are taking major drugs in order to alter your chemistry so that you can live better and longer, you might feel you have no choice. "Well, this is keeping me alive," you might say. "I don't yet have the ability to do this with my consciousness, so I take the drugs."

In this new energy, there is something else that you can try if you are in this category. Do the following with safety, intelligence, common sense and logic. Here is the challenge: The principle of homeopathy is that an almost invisible tincture of a substance is ingested and is seen by your innate. Innate "sees" what you are trying to do and then adjusts the body's chemistry in response. Therefore, you might say that you are sending the body a "signal for balance." The actual tincture is not large enough to affect anything chemically - yet it works!

The body [innate] sees what you're trying to do and then cooperates. In a sense, you might say the body is healing itself because you were able to give it instructions through the homeopathic substance of what to do. So, why not do it with a major drug? Start reducing the dosage and start talking to your cells, and see what happens. If you're not successful, then stop the reduction. However, to your own amazement, you may often be successful over time.

You might be able to take the dosage that you're used to and cut it to at least a quarter of what it was. It is the homeopathy principle and it allows you to keep the purpose of the drug, but reduce it to a fraction of a common 3D dosage. You're still taking it internally, but now it's also signaling in addition to working chemically. The signal is sent, the body cooperates, and you reduce the chance of side effects.

You can't put things in boxes of yes or no when it comes to the grand system of Spirit. You can instead use spiritual logic and see the things that God has given you on the planet within the inventions and processes. Have an operation, save your life, and stand and say, "Thank you, God, for this and for my being born where these things are possible." It's a complicated subject, is it not? Each of you is so different! You'll know what to do, dear one. Never stress over that decision, because your innate will tell you what is appropriate for you if you're willing to listen. ….”

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(Subjects: Big pharma [the drug companies of America] are going to have to change very soon or collapse. When you have an industry that keeps people sick for money, it cannot survive in the new consciousness., Global Unity, ... etc.) - (Text version)
"Recalibration of Free Choice"– Mar 3, 2012 (Kryon Channelling by Lee Caroll) - (Subjects: (Old) Souls, Midpoint on 21-12-2012, Shift of Human Consciousness, Black & White vs. Color, 1 - Spirituality (Religions) shifting, Lose a Pope “soon”, 2 - Humans will change react to drama, 3 - Civilizations/Population on Earth, 4 - Alternate energy sources (Geothermal, Tidal (Pedal wheels), Wind), 5 – Financials Institutes/concepts will change (Integrity – Ethical) , 6 - News/Media/TV to change, 7 Big Pharmaceutical company will collapse “soon”, (Keep people sick), (Integrity – Ethical) 8 – Wars will be over on Earth, Global Unity, … etc.) - (Text version)
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"THE BRIDGE OF SWORDS" – Sep 29, 2012 (Kryon channeled by Lee Carroll) (Subjects: ... I'm in Canada and I know it, but I will tell those listening and reading in the American audience the following: Get ready! Because there are some institutions that are yet to fall, ones that don't have integrity and that could never be helped with a bail out. Again, we tell you the biggest one is big pharma, and we told you that before. It's inevitable. If not now, then in a decade. It's inevitable and they will fight to stay alive and they will not be crossing the bridge. For on the other side of the bridge is a new way, not just for medicine but for care. ....) - (Text Version)

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Health Care

Health Care
Happy birthday to Percy Julian, a pioneer in plant-drug synthesis. His research produced steroids like cortisone. (11 April 2014)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Deal Fever Hits Global Pharmaceutical Sector

Jakarta Globe – AFP, Apr 27, 2014

Customers buying goods in an independent pharmacy in Hong Kong
on Nov. 18, 2013. (AFP Photo/Anthony Wallace)

New York. Global pharmaceutical companies facing major patent expirations have announced billions of dollars of transactions in a wave of deal-making that could ultimately include mega-mergers and hostile takeovers.

On Tuesday, Switzerland’s Novartis, GlaxoSmithKline of Britain and US group Eli Lilly announced nearly $25 billion worth of deals to shift key assets in oncology, vaccines and animal health among the three giants.

The same day, Canadian company Valeant, working with activist investor Bill Ackman, unveiled a bid to acquire Botox-maker Allergan for $45.6 billion. The proposal suggested Valeant would launch a hostile campaign if management does not accede to “productive discussions.”

Both deals were shadowed by the possibility of an even more dramatic outcome: the purchase by US giant Pfizer of Britain’s AstraZeneca for more than $100 billion. Pfizer reportedly approached AstraZeneca about such a deal, although talks are not active.

The stream of activity comes as pharmaceutical giants seek to make up for lost sales as patents expire and as medium–sized firms and generics specialists take steps to grow by acquisition.

“We expect the next few years to be particularly active from a mergers and acquisitions perspective and hence pivotal in the reshaping of the industry,” said Barclays analyst Shubhomoy Mukherjee.

If this week’s transactions are completed, including Valeant-Allergan, that would lift the total on healthcare deals in 2014 to $162.1 billion, making it the second biggest sector in terms of deals after telecommunications, according to Dealogic.

Driving the realignment is pressure on pharma giants to build up specialty businesses and exit lower-priority investments that in some cases have suffered from their second-fiddle status within their companies.

Pharma companies typically enjoy huge profit margins on blockbuster drugs, but the expiration of patents leaves them vulnerable to steep declines in sales.

AstraZeneca chief executive Pascal Soriot said the bulk of the British giant’s research investment focused on three core areas — oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, and respiratory, inflammation and autoimmune problems.

The company, aiming to spend less outside these fields, is exploring “partnering options” for its remaining research in infectious diseases and other areas, Soriot said.

“We’re looking at a variety of options that we hope to conclude very quickly,” he said.

Soriot would not be drawn into a discussion of a Pfizer deal, but the Astra chief argued the company can make it on its own.

“Of course we are always considering options that accelerate shareholder value where it makes sense,” he said. “But at this point in time we are very convinced that our strategy is working. “We are creating value through progressing our pipeline. And we’ll continue doing this on an independent basis.”

Recovering from the ‘patent cliff’

The Novartis-Glaxo-Lilly transactions further Novartis’ efforts to boost its specialties in oncology, Glaxo’s efforts to build vaccines and Lilly’s efforts to become a bigger player in animal health.

Novartis and Glaxo also announced plans to create “a world–leading consumer healthcare business” focused on wellness, oral health, nutrition and skin health. The venture would sell popular remedies to quit smoking and address back pain, and is geared at growing market share in developed and emerging markets.

Valeant too is looking to become a dominant force in choice fields, which include dermatology, aesthetics and ophthalmology. Valeant has said its goal is to become one of the five biggest pharma companies by 2016.

Merck, which has slashed headcount as it contends with the loss of patent exclusivity of its allergy and asthma drug Singular and other best-sellers, is reportedly looking to divest its consumer–brands business for $10 billion or more. The unit includes products like Coppertone and Claritin.

Merck has also streamlined its research efforts to focus on Alzheimer’s, oncology and other choice areas.

Analysts said AstraZeneca could provide Pfizer with some strong products in oncology, cardio-metabolism and other fields, complementing the US giant’s offerings and adding to its product pipeline.

Pfizer, which has faced the challenge of falling off the so-called “patent cliff” for Lipitor and other blockbusters, also has a history large mergers.

“The thought process is that it may be faster and more prudent to buy products through mergers and acquisitions,” said analysts at Credit Suisse. “It takes out uncertainties. It may be more simple and much cheaper than attempting to develop new products.”

But Pfizer’s recent moves have not telegraphed a mega-merger as the most likely course, analysts said.

Pfizer last year spun off its animal-health business into Zoetis and has begun restructuring its operations into three units.

Given these actions, Credit Suisse assessed an Astra deal as “surprising” and less likely than “bolt-on acquisitions.”

Agence France-Presse
Bayer to buy traditional Chinese medicine group Dihon

“…I'm in Canada and I know it, but I will tell those listening and reading in the American audience the following: Get ready! Because there are some institutions that are yet to fall, ones that don't have integrity and that could never be helped with a bail out. Again, we tell you the biggest one is big pharma, and we told you that before. It's inevitable. If not now, then in a decade. It's inevitable and they will fight to stay alive and they will not be crossing the bridge. For on the other side of the bridge is a new way, not just for medicine but for care. Paradigms that have not yet been thought of, which don't represent any system that currently exists, will be created and developed by young minds who have concepts that the seniors don't know about. Things that don't have integrity today will fall over tomorrow. Just get ready. It's all part of what's on the other side of the bridge. And the old energy won't like it, and they will object. …”

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